In memoriam Bruno Bartoletti

bruno_bartolettiA very late but very necessary memory to one of the great conductors of our time. The first time I came across and learned to appreciate Bruno Bartoletti was in the donizettian Lucia di Lammermoor of 1967 from Japan. Not only because Scotto had a great evening with total control over her voice, not only due to Bergonzi’s excellent interpretation, elegant singing and bone-chilling maledizione (maybe the best “vi disperda” I’ve ever heard) but mainly because of maestro’s Bartoletti’s direction. The accompaniment, the tempi are just perfect and Bartoletti is able, always, to create wonderful atmospheres. And although I always hesitate and alternate between this and the Sills version whenever i feel like listening to Lucia, this one will always remind me of how great a conductor Bartoletti was (together with the Roberto Devereux/Caballé, Raimondi, Venice, 1972)

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