c(h)oeurs by Alain Platel @ De Munt/La Monnaie

choeursIt is similar to Wolf (2003): A concoction of music, dancers and choir, singing and dancing to a dubious and hazy story with a “message”. This is C(H)OEURS by Alain Platel. The members of the choir improvise themselves as dancers. Platel gives them the dubious story, they interpret the wounded people, the indignados, the protesters, the ones who carry their deads on top of their arms. The dozen professional dancers on the other hand, commited as they were, had a dancing style that made them seem constantly in pain, shivering, cramped, trembling, spasming and even howling and screaming. I am not sure they added much to the value of the show. Which was not very original anyway. It was interesting for half an hour, then it started to get boring. The things Gerard Mortier lilkes, basically. (But Brussels got its share of Mortier, which was enlightening and refreshing,  and Madrid got Gerard Mortier because they wanted him. In Brussels we get the things Gerard Mortier likes due to the less original Mr De Caluwe). imagesThe music was a mix of Wagner and Verdi, popular things, a medley of pieces one gets when buying “The best of” (Va pensiero, Patria oppressa, Dies irae, pilgrim’s chorus etc). The choir on the other hand sang well. I was surprised to hear the Monnaie choir pronounce well and sing with sensitivity and emotion. But then i read that it  was the Teatro Intermezzo from the Teatro Real in Madrid and things made sense again. The orchestra played Verdi in the “um pa pa” style.

Musical director-Marc Piollet, Concept, direction and sets-Alain Platel, light-Carlo Bourguignon, choir directed by Andres Maspero, costumes-Dorine Demuynck, Choir-Teatro Intermezzo Teatro Real Madrid directed by Andres Maspero, Dance-Les ballets C de la B, Orchestra of De Munt, 6 September 2013

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