Il segreto di Susanna/La voix humaine @ Liège Opera

IMG_4708The opera de Liège put on stage a wonderful production of two rarely performed operas. Il segreto di Susanna and La voix humaine. The first is a short opera by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari where reminiscences of Debussy and Wagner mix skilfully with Italian melodiousness and Viennese light-hearted humour. Very good Vittorio Prato as Conte Gil, funny in “l’odore c’é”, delicate in the love duet, comically furious in the entries to and exits from the house, lovely voice and excellent diction. Anna-Caterina Antonacci also very good as frail and delicate Susanna. In La voix humaine, not very dramatic but rather heartbreaking in her approach as abandoned lover, in excellent French.

secret_de_suzanne_voix_humaine_-_site_opera_royal_de_wallonie_-_lorraine_wauters-44Patrick Davin directs with transparency and is able to render la voix humaine with a dramatic touch but even more so Il segreto di Susanna with bustling effervescence. Ludovic Lagarde creates a beautiful white and minimal setting which is simple in its versatility for is Segreto di Susanna, and rotates to reveal other rooms and to increase the sense of loneliness in La voix humaine.

Direction musicale-Patrick Davin, Mise en scène-Ludovic Lagarde, Décors-Antoine Vasseur, Costumes-Fanny Brouste, Lumières-Sébastien Michaud, Vidéo-Lidwine Prolonge, Susanna-Anna Caterina Antonacci, Conte Gil-Vittorio Prato, Le Serviteur-Bruno Danjoux, Elle (La voix humaine), Anna-Caterina Antonacci

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