Orlando furioso @ Tourcoing

If one has to travel to Tourcoing to hear Vivaldi, one does so with pleasure, seen how little Vivaldi is performed. The orchestra is the well known “La Grande Écurie et la Chambre du Roy” with Jean-Claude Malgoire as its conductor. Judging by this performance, the reputation is better than the quality, but then it could just be a bad day. The choice in tempi is poor, dynamics are unvaried, the playing tedious. Add to this a very scholastic rendering of the orchestra with many mistakes, and the pleasure quickly dwindles to disappointment. Slighly better the singers (but only slightly): voices that are either barely audible (Angelica) or flat when they descend to lower notes (Orlando). Ruggiero was good in his flute aria but Come l’onda sounds colourless with a little projected voice. Much better Clemence Tilquin, the only with a more homogeneous voice and some lovely acting that inflated Alcina with personality. All in all a performance with very little variations or nuances with an incomprehensible Italian pronunciation. The costumes were very well designed while staging consisted in several painted panels  which were moved up and down to bring us into the different settings or slid side-wards to make the singers appear and disappear. Simple and effective.

Direction musicale-Jean Claude Malgoire, Mise en scène-Christian Schiaretti, Adaptation scénographique-Fanny Gamet, Costumes-Emily Cauwet-Lafont, Orlando-Amaya Dominguez, Angelica-Samantha Louis-Jean, Alcina-Clémence Tilquin, Bradamante-Yann Rolland, Medoro-Victor Jimenez Diaz, Ruggiero-Jean Michel Fumas, Astolfo-Nicolas Rivenq (2/4/17) Picture from http://www.atelierlyriquedetourcoing.fr/

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