Marina @ Teatro de la Zarzuela

Marina was composed as a zarzuela in 2 acts and when the famous tenor Enrico Tamberlick wished to add Marina to his repertoire it was converted to an opera in 3 acts with pieces replaced and rewritten and with a more dramatic approach. Marina is not often heard of and I did not have high expectations. The music is light and popular at times but surprisingly also very descriptive (the wavers, the breeze the birds etc.) with a dramatic cut and references of Donizetti. It contains wonderful melodies, lyrical arias, drinking songs, night scenes, dances such as the seguidilla and the tango, a final soprano coloratura aria, everything one can wish for musically. The musical pieces are never too long, and tune after tune the evening flies.

The director Ramon Tebar is excellent in depicting the different atmospheres, he keeps the flow going light but energetic and accompanies the singers with delicacy. The sets are beautiful and functional, with a very present sea, the characters move effortlessly and the plot is easily followed. The light coloratura soprano has a nice voice, but has slight pitch issues in act 1. The heroic tenor Jorge, who gets quite some arias has a good middle register but his voice thins when ascending. My full interest went to the woman-loathing Roque who, with his beautiful voice brought both lightness and depth, his character is very interesting as it portrays both the bitter and lighter side of life and is musically very present.

A beautiful surprise which would deserve to be played on bigger stages and of which I can only repeat the words of my neighbour behind me: “Me está gustando más de lo que esperaba”

Conductor-Ramón Tebar, Stage director-Ignacio García, Sets-Juan Sanz and Miguel Ángel Coso, Costumes-Pepe Corzo, Lights-Paco Ariza, Marina-Olena Sloia, Jorge-Alejandro Del Cerro, Roque-Damián Del Castillo, Pascual-Ivo Stanchev, Alberto-David Oller. Pictures from the Teatro de la Zarzuela. 21/06/17


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