Bozar programme 18/19

I always wondered, in Belgium’s cultural life, what Belgians were most interested in. And as listener to concertgoers’ comments and to various concerts, I’m coming to the conclusion that not the music is the most important thing but the artist. Looking at the previous years’ Bozar printed programs, it almost bothered me how the orchestra or the main artist not only had the biggest font, but were in bold AND underlined. The performers were just below, the font slightly smaller but still in bold, and listed one by one, each performer deserved a single line of course. The composers came afterwards, not bold anymore, and the  actual composition came in an even (slightlty) smaller font. Funnily enough sometimes even not listed separately, as if to save space. But hey, who was I to complain, all the info was there.Since nobody really seems to care what is actually played, Bozar this year decided to go a step further with the 2018/19 printed program of Bozar. The first pages are dedicated to the highlights – orchestras, artists etc. For a handful of them we see the full program of the evening. Next we 

have a calendar that spans over the whole season with a day by day listing and brief descritpion of orchestra and the composer. And that’s it! Nowhere are we told the actual composition. The somewhat startled lady behind the ticket counter advised me to look into the subscription folder, as almost everything is there. Of course it isn’t. Belgian surrealism got a small revival.

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