Orphée et Eurydice @ De Munt/La Monnaie

De-Munt-Orphée-et-EurydiceDe Munt recently staged Orphée et Eurydice in the version reviewed by Berlioz. The singing was adequate with Stéphanie d’Oustrac as Orphée, although I would have wished more depth. Sabine Devieilhe was a committed Eurydice and Fanny Dupont an acceptable Amour. The main attraction however, was the mise en scene by Romeo Castellucci. One finds oneself in the world of Els, a patient with Locked-in-Syndrome. I suppose Castellucci wanted to draw parallels between Eurydice, who lives in the Underworld, in another world, lives but not completely, as does Els, who feels, smells, and hears everything but is completely immobilized except for her eyes. The journey of Orphée to the Underworld is the journey the spectators take to visit Eurydice/Els in the Underworld/the neurological hospital in Flanders. I came out from the theatre with mixed feeling.
Here is the link to the streaming page, still active until the end of July 2014.